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Slimming Sensation and Harley G have joined forces to take the whole body shape weight loss, health, nutrition and the life changing process to a whole new realm. It's a revolution that together Slimming Sensation and Harley G have created. It's time to come in and join in the fun and excitement for the new you where we have changed the game. Harley G and Slimming Sensation are waiting for you!


  • Certificate in Fitness Massage and First aid (Victoria University, 1995).
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness.
  • Certificate in Sports Relaxation and Trigger Point Massage. Accompanied with first aid.
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness and First Aid (Australian Institute of Fitness, AIF).

Harley G has been a personal trainer since 1995, and owes his success to the fact that every program is tailored to the needs and requirements of each individual. His approach incorporates all aspects of health, fitness and nutrition, with a view to developing long lasting solutions and healthy habits that are both achievable and fun. He has extensive gym experience and is currently employed at South Pacific Health Clubs (SPHC) as a group fitness instructor.

Harley is also a Master Trainer, and is qualified to create ultimate training programs and group fitness classes, such as his popular Stretch, Strengthen and Tone class and the Harley G Interval class.

In addition to fitness and massage, Harley G specialises in nutrition, rehabilitation, working with seniors and the high-level development of athletes and sportsmen and women.

Harley's attitude as an instructor and trainer is to always be willing to learn and improve, so he can pass on the benefits of his knowledge so that his clients become stronger, fitter healthier and happier.

So now is the time to make a change in your life or to reach the goals which you have wanted to do for a very long time.

Harley G now asks you the questions. Do you not like what you see when you look in the mirror? Hate the bloating nearly every time you eat? Do you dislike the way your clothes fit you, finding yourself having to stretch them to fit, wishing you could just put them on and they would fit and look nice without a struggle? Do you find yourself holding your tummy in when you go out to dinner or your clothes are digging into you and you find it hard to breath because you have been holding your breath? Are you feeling horribly unhealthy, flabby with no muscle tone, have cellulite and dislike your body shape? Do you worry about the aging process and find your self dieting all year round only to wish you could go to the beach? This is not only affecting you physically but mentally as well.

Harley G has amazing news. You can change this... even better news, it's not that hard to do and sustain this for the rest of your life. The truth is people have been terribly mis-informed about training and eating to sustain a great looking and healthy body. People have been made to believe that training has to be abusive and requires hard-core dieting. This is not true!!!! So come in and see us to inform you. If you want to start to change your life... this is what you have been looking for. The consultation is free, even if it takes 1 2 3 or 4 hours. We will inform you of the whole life changing process that will take place and what's involved.

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